How Many Points Are Assessed For Your Ticket in Florida?

Non-Moving Violations: 0 points (or any offense where adjudication is "withheld" and no "conviction" is imposed)

Improper Lane Change: 3 Points

Littering: 3 Points

Moving Violations (Non-Speeding, No Accident): 3 Points

Open Container as Operator/Driver: 3 Points

Unlawful Speed (15 m.p.h. or Less Over the Posted Speed Limit): 3 Points

Violation of Child Restraint Laws: 3 Points

Failing to Stop at a Traffic Signal: 4 Points

Moving Violation (Non-Speeding) Resulting in a Crash: 4 Points

Passing a Stopped School Bus: 4 Points

Reckless Driving (Criminal Traffic Offense): 4 Points

Unlawful Speed (More than 15 m.p.h. Over the Posted Speed Limit): 4 Points

Violation of Traffic Control Sign/Device: 4 Points

Unlawful Speed (Resulting in a Crash): 6 Points

Leaving the Scene of a Crash (with Property Damage Greater Than $50.00): 6 Points

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