Largo parents accused of doing drugs with their teenage kids as 'incentive'

Attorney Rex R. Blake has been featured on the Women’s Entertainment Network television program “Women Behind Bars” for his second degree murder case that occurred in Clearwater, Florida. Rex R. Blake was interviewed as the lead prosecutor on the case on his insight of murder charges and details of the case.

Attorney Rex R. Blake has been featured and interviewed on Bay News concerning a rape case in which a paramedic was accused of raping a patient in the ambulance. Attorney Rex. R. Blake won the trial and was interviewed by many media outlets concerning the details of the trial.

Women Behind Bars

Attorney Rex. R. Blake and Nicholas J. Dorsten commentated live on Channel 10 during the Casey Anthony Trial. Channel 10 used their insight and experience to inform the television audience about the details of the case. Both lawyers have since been frequent commentators on trials for local television.

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