Training and Certifications

  1. Criminal Defense Professionalism Seminar, August 2013, Clearwater, Florida.
  2. Bar Seminar, May 2013, St. Petersburg, Florida.
  3. Masters of DUI, February, 2014 Tampa, Florida.
  4. 2008 Criminal Law Certification Review, presented by The Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, April 17-18, 2008, Tampa, Florida.
  5. Criminal Street Gang Prosecution Training Conference, September 17, 2009, Orlando, Florida.
  6. Stalking and Cyber-Crime Seminar, September 19. 2008, Tampa, Florida.
  7. Ethics and professionalism, March 30, 2006, St. Petersburg, Florida.
  8. Office of the State Attorney, Sixth Judicial Circuit, Search Warrant Drafting, by (now former ASA) Robert Lewis, May 2, 2006, Clearwater, Florida.
  9. Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association (FPAA), Prosecuting Homicide Cases Seminar, September 23, 2005, Orlando, Florida.
  10. St. Petersburg Bar Association, Beach and Bar Seminar, May 20, 2005, St. Pete Beach, Florida.
  11. Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association (FPAA), Search and Seizure Seminar, May 6, 2005, Gainesville, Florida.
  12. Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association (FPAA), Advanced DUI Seminar, May 19-20, 2004, Orlando, Florida.
  13. Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association (FPAA), Domestic Violence Basic Prosecution, November 21-22, 2002, Cocoa Beach, Florida.
  14. Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association (FPAA), DUI Trial Advocacy School, September 10-13, 2002, Orlando, Florida.
  15. Evidence Seminar, March 22, 2007, Orlando, Florida.
  16. Homicide Prosecution, April 13, 2007, Florida.
  17. Criminal Law, October 1, 2008, Clearwater, Florida.
  18. Criminal Professionalism, June 17, 2011, Clearwater, Florida.
  19. Cross Examination, September 23, 2011, Tampa, Florida.
  20. Immigration and Criminal Consequences, October 27, 2011, Tampa, Florida.
  21. Jimmy Ryce Prosecution Seminar, July 22, 2010, St. Petersburg, Florida.
  22. Extremity Injuries in Automobile Accidents, September 23, 2009, Sarasota, Florida.
Client Reviews
Love, Love, LOVE this firm! My lawyer got my case dropped, saving me years in jail. I can't recommend them enough! T.W.
Blake & Dorsten saved my life! They got my license back so I could keep my job and my home. K.D.
I hired Nick Dorsten for my fiancé who was facing mandatory prison time. Long story short, after Nick worked on his case, my now husband ended up with only probation. This firm cares. R.R.
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