Violations of Probation

Over the last few years, the State of Florida has seen a dramatic rise in the number of Violations of Probation that it prosecutes. This is partially due to a "zero tolerance" policy that was imposed after a couple of high-profile cases where probation violators were not in custody and were able to commit serious crimes.




If you've been placed on probation, there are more ways to violate your probation than you could possibly imagine. Generally speaking, probation violations come in two different forms. People either commit a "technical" violation of their probation or they commit a "new law" violation.

"Technical" violations can come in many forms. Examples of a technical violation would include: failure to pay fines/costs/restitution, failure to complete community service hours, failure to meet your probation officer when required to do so, failure to complete a court ordered program such as DUI school or anger management classes, failure to obtain or maintain lawful employment, failing a drug test, and just about anything else that your probation officer can think of to violate your probation.

"New law" violations occur when you are on probation and you get arrested and/or charged with another criminal offense. A "new law" violation can result from any new arrest or charge. One minor slip-up, like driving on a suspended license, can turn into a probation revocation and a jail or prison sentence. Therefore, since the consequences of a Violation of Probation can be life-changing, you should always have an experienced criminal trial attorney on your side.

The Lawyers at Blake & Dorsten, P.A. are extremely qualified to handle your violation of probation case(s). As a prosecutor, I handled thousands of Violation of Probation cases in traffic court, misdemeanor/county court and felony/circuit court. After handling these cases for many years, I will be able to evaluate your case and have a good idea what the Judge and/or prosecutor is going to be looking for. Sometimes probation violations can be mitigated or even negated before you go to court. Many times this will result in the State of Florida or the Judge dismissing your Violation of Probation.

Perhaps the biggest problem with a Violation of Probation is that you may not receive a bond upon your arrest. It is not unusual for probation violators to sit in jail for days or weeks before they get in front of their Judge. Blake & Dorsten, P.A. can help you get a bond set on your case(s) and can expedite the process in an effort to get you out of jail and back to your family, job, etc.

Your Judge has many different options once you violate probation. You can be "reinstated" on probation, receive a county jail sentence or go to state prison. Every case is different and unique.

You should never wait until you are arrested on a Violation of Probation warrant. You will almost always be in a better position before the Judge if you and your attorney voluntarily surrender before the judge. At that time, Blake & Dorsten, P.A. can take immediate action on your case and hopefully secure favorable conditions for your release. If you wait until you are arrested on your outstanding Violation of Probation warrant, you will almost always remain in jail with no bond!!

Contact Blake & Dorsten, P.A. today for for a free consultation if you have a pending Violation of Probation or Community Control or fear that you may be violated in the near future.

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